cPanel Solo

1 Month Price

1 Account
Suited for small businesses, freelancers, or anyone needing just one hosting account.

cPanel Admin

1 Month Price

Up to 5 Accounts
Agency ready and crafted for small businesses, designers, and developers.

cPanel Pro

1 Month Price

Up to 30 Accounts
Optimal for mid-level businesses and large agencies that are growing. Allows for scalability.

cPanel Premier

1 Month Price

Up to 100 Accounts
Best for data centers, large teams with high traffic websites, and scaling web hosts.

Included With Every Plan

  • Accounts & Hosting Packages
  • Publish a Website
  • Create Emails & Calendars
  • Backup, Transfer & Manage Files
  • Manage Domains
  • Launch Databases
  • Migrate new customers with ease
  • Create cPanel accounts & hosting packages
  • Secure your system at various levels
  • View, analyze, & diagnose server stats
  • Customize and brand your service